Executive Board Contact Info
Anjali Ta (Director) - taat@vcu.edu
Mijin Cho (Associate Director) - chom6@vcu.edu
Elysia Lin (VP of Operations)- lineh@vcu.edu
Kirti Sharma (VP of Volunteering)- sharmak10@vcu.edu
Gautam Lalwani (VP of Finance)- lalwanig@vcu.edu
Advisor Contact Info
Allen Shieh (Senior Advisor, Former Director) - shieha@vcu.edu
Official Volunteer Log
The Original flavor baby. Sign up for ALL PECS volunteer opportunities here.
Follow all instructions on the tabs.
Select the correct sheet for the current Semester on the bottom tabs.
Mentor Debrief Form
Complete this form EVERY TIME you finish meeting one-on-one with a mentee.
Mentor Meeting Checklist + Bootcamp Workflow
(TOP) A simple guide to follow when holding 1-on-1 meetings.
(BOTTOM) Step-by-step guide for mentors to follow for every day of the bootcamp
Common Mistakes Form
Input common mistakes you have observed while meeting with students here.
You will receive a reminder email to do so when the time comes.
You are welcome to submit common mistakes to the form anytime.
Post Briefing Assessment
This is it! The final thing to do before you begin volunteering. Please review the Bootcamp Briefing slides PRIOR to completing this quiz. 
You MUST score 100% to volunteer this summer.
Bootcamp Briefing Slides
Absolutely essential info on all links and stuffs above. Review this as much as you need.
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