Welcome to PECS!

Personalized Exploration for College Success (PECS) is a VCU Honors-College student-run program, offering FREE one-on-one college application guidance for all Richmond Public Schools’ high schoolers.

See the short film that won us 2nd Place funding from ZipCar using this link!

PECS Application for Mentors

Interested in being a mentor for PECS at VCU? Fill out this application below and we’ll reach out to you once we review the applications.

If you have any questions, contact us at pecsatvcu@gmail.com and we can help you through the process!

PECS Raffle

This Fall, we’re hosting a PECS Raffle for RPS students! We’ll be keeping track of participation during our workshopping this year and will award a scholarship prize to a student based on attendance and participation. If you have any questions regarding our raffle, feel free to reach out to us at pecsatvcu@gmail.com!

What PECS Has to Offer

Essay Writing Workshops

Do you need one-on-one help editing essays? Do you want to read successful essays that have helped recent students get accepted to Johns Hopkins, William and Mary, or even VCU itself? Fill out the Interested Student Form and we’ll have a VCU student help proofread your essays and help you with the essay-writing process.

Peer Mentor Pairing

We’ll provide a one-on-one college application mentorship pairing from a local VCU student. With a variety of interests and backgrounds, there’s a college student mentor for everyone! We will help match you with a student who is pursuing the major/track you’re interested in. You won’t hurt our feelings if you want to change mentors!

We’re committed to providing a holistic mentorship regimen for students, just as many college admissions review applications holistically. That said, we’ll also host workshops and provide our tips tackling letters of recommendation, testing, financial aid, discovering the right schools for you, and more! 

Social Media

Instagram: @pecsforsuccess

Twitter: @pecsforsuccess

Facebook: @PECSatVCU